Bose Soundsport Wireless vs. Jaybird X3 Sport: Best For Workouts?

Cam Secore
Updated 03/28/2018

jaybird x3 vs bose soundsport

I liked the Jaybird X3 headphones. They give good battery life, solid sound quality, and won’t move during a workout, but they’re not the most comfortable pair.

I kept my Bose SoundSport Wireless headphones. If you’re in this thing for sound quality and/or do heavy workouts, Bose SoundSport headphones are an almost flawless product. They are my favorite fit and sounded the best of those tested, but you have to get over the bulkiness.

Bose Soundsport Wireless


Sound (A+):

  • Bose SoundSport Wireless headphones sound amazing! These sound the best of the eight that I tried. I assumed Bose’s sound may be overrated due to their brilliant marketing, but these are the real deal. I don’t think there’s a better, in-the-ear, Bluetooth sound experience.

Comfort (A+):

  • These are by far the most comfortable. The silicone ear tips are softer than other brands yet still stable. They look big and heavy, but after they’re in your ears for a couple of minutes, you completely forget about them. I had a few of my friends try them on, and we all decided these are the most comfortable.

Battery (C+):

  • These gave me around six hours of battery.
  • For $50, you can buy the Bose Charging Case, which gives you an extra 18 hours of playback.

Exercise (B):

  • They’re not going to fall out of your ears no matter how intense your workout is.
  • While some users complained of these not being fully sweatproof, Bose released a fix for the problem.

Design (C):

  • I don’t love the design. They’re huge and look awkward (they’re way bigger than any of the others).
  • Sometimes the power button and volume buttons are hard to press.

Software (A):

  • The Bose app is awesome. It makes it easy to connect (via NFC and Bluetooth) and change music devices. You can also tune the sound. For instance, there are settings for podcasts/movies vs. music.
  • The mic works great for receiving phone calls, and you can sync your contacts with the headphones.
  • Two people can listen to the same music source with two different headphones with their technology.

Jaybird X3 Sport


Sound (B):

  • The Jaybird X3s sound great. I wouldn’t mind a little more bass, but these are top-notch headphones without a doubt.

Comfort (D):

  • The Jaybirds are not falling out of your ears, but they sacrifice comfort to achieve this. They’re perfect for a run or workout, but not something I’d want in my ears for over an hour.

Battery (A+):

  • You’ll get about eight hours of music playback.

Exercise (A+):

  • These headphones can handle sweat without a problem.
  • They won’t fall out of your ears.

Design (B):

  • They’re perfectly sized, 34% smaller than the previous generation.
  • There are a bunch of attachment options so these headphones will not fall out of your ears. There are too many size options not to find the right fit. There’s an earplug type (if you want noise canceling) and the normal rubber type, with three sizes for each.
  • Everyone has Micro USB cords laying around (it’s a standard). But to charge the Jaybirds, you’ll need the particular base piece between the Micro USB and the headphones. If you lose this piece, good luck finding a new one.

Software (B+):

  • A voice tells you the battery life when you turn them on. It’s a simple but useful feature.
  • The app is cool and well designed; it lets you change the sound and EQ settings.
  • When you power on the headphones, there’s a loud, annoying intro sound played each time. It can’t be turned off.